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Here at WEAAR Ltd we offer a wide range of training for the asbestos industry. All our training is done to the required standards and we provide certificates upon completion of our courses. 

If you are in any doubts as to what training you require, please do not hesitate to contact us for further information and advise.

Catagory A - Asbestos Awareness Training

Regulation 10 of the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 (CAR 2012) puts a requirement on employers to ensure that their staff has undergone suitable asbestos awareness training so that they are aware of the potential dangers they may face and also the procedures they must follow in the event they are working in the vicinity of asbestos containing materials (ACMs).

  • Asbestos awareness training comprises of written and oral presentations sealed asbestos samples are used as training aids to allow candidates to familiarise with the different materials that are commonly used.

  • Training is tailored for each client to ensure it meets the individual company policy procedures in regards to asbestos.

  • All training courses encourage two way communications to ensure the course is fully understood & digested. 

  • Copy of the PowerPoint presentation is given in hand out format for future reference.


Asbestos Awareness Refresher Training is also available, this 2 hour refresher course has been designed for those who have already received Asbestos Awareness Training and now need to update their knowledge.

Asbestos Catagory B - Notifiable Non Licenced Work

Catagory B Training is the required standard for anyone working with Notifiable Non Licenced productsm for example:

  • Large scale removal of textured decorative coatings (Artex) using steaming or gelling methods (e.g. beyond that required for maintenance activities such as installation/replacement of fire alarms and fittings).

  • Minor short duration work to remove asbestos insulation board as part of a refurbishment project or involving asbestos insulation(e.g. repairing minor damage to a small section of pipe insulation where exterior coating has been broken or damaged).

  • Removal of asbestos cement products (e.g. roof sheeting) where the matieral has been substantially damaged or broken up (as a result of fire or flood damage).

  • Asbestos cement products (e.g. roof sheeting) where the removal activity will mean that the material will be substantially broken up creating significant quantities of dust and debris (e.g. 'dropping' an asbestos cement roof).

  • Asbestos paper and cardboard products if not firmly bonded in the matrix.

Asbestos Catagory C - Notifiable Licenced Work

Catagory C Training is required by all Directors, Managers, Supervisors & Operatives working in the asbestos removal industry.

Legislation requires that anyone carrying out asbestos licenced work requires to be trained annually.

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